Say Goodbye To Belly Fat With Just 1 Teaspoon Of Cumin Every Day!

Over the past decade cumin became very popular.  There are multiple reasons why this ingredient has gain so much fame. It adds a warm, peppery taste to every dish and also offers a great number of health benefits.

One of the many benefits of this ingredient is weight loss. A new study published in The Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice journal found that cumin can speed up weight loss in obese people. The study included 88 overweight or obese women, divided into 2 groups.

In a period of three months, both groups had nutrition counseling and were asked to limit their daily calorie intake to 500. Also, one group consumed 1 teaspoon of cumin in 5 ounces of yogurt every day, and the other group consumed yogurt without the cumin.

The results showed that the group that consumed cumin had an average of 50% decrease in weight when compared to the other group. Also, the study showed that the group that consumed cumin had reduced body fat by up to 15%, three times more than the other group.

The cumin also showed effective in reducing triglyceride levels, reduced cholesterol, and burning more calories.

Besides weight loss, cumin can be also beneficial in treating heart diseases, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and reduce bad cholesterol.

In addition, cumin has also been used in traditional medicine for treating respiratory issues, insomnia, anemia, and skin conditions. This amazing ingredient has anti-coagulant, anti-carcinogenic, hepato-protective, hypoglycemic, immune-modulatory, neuro-protective, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Don’t wait another day, add this spice in your diet right away to enjoy its amazing benefits.

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