This 3-Day Exercise Plan Will Eliminate Your Belly Fat Fast!

There are numerous people who confuse the terms ‘abs’ and ‘core’. The core are the hips, glutes, lower back muscles, and the abs. Training the core is going to help prevent injuries, soothe the pain in the lower back, boost the athletic performance, and improve the posture.
In the following article, we will show you 3-day exercise plan that is amazing for the belly fat and the entire body.

1st day

On this day there are 3 exercises that you will need only 5 minutes to do them and in case you are more ambitious, you can do them twice.
1 – Skyscrapers (10 per side)
2 – windshield wipers (10 per one side)
3 – army crawls (36 steps)

2nd day

On this day you need to perform 4 moves and for extra challenge you could repeat the set for one more time.
1 – break-dancer (15 per one side)
2 – skydiver (keep the position for around 30 seconds)
3 – dead bug (do 10 repetitions)
4 – thread the needle (10 per side)

3rd day

On the third day you need to do 4 very difficult exercises in a six-minute circuit.
1 – crab-kicks into superman (6 per side)
2 – star leg-raise (do 10 per side)
3 – side V ups (10 per one side)
4 – under/over (10 per side)

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